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Why Long-Term Care Insurance?

by Bill Counts, MBA | Dec 14, 2017 | long term care insurance, long term care insurance advisors, long-term care insurance

Seventy-percent reading this message will need long-term care. It may be a short period resulting from an accident or illness, or a chronic condition lasting the remainder of your life.

Care most likely will begin in the home and be provided by a family member. Although given unselfishly and with love, it can be emotionally and physically debilitating to the provider. It can also result in lost earnings and career disruption.

An option is paying for professional assistance. The cost can be daunting or out of reach. Home care is around $20 per hour. Assisted living and skilled nursing home care costs tens of thousands a year. The costs are rapidly increasing.

A solution is long-term care insurance. Just as we insure our home, automobile, and health for catastrophic events, the same applies to our long-term physical and mental care needs.

The good news is there are new options available for long-term care insurance. Past constraints of high cost and eligibility are replaced by options within most budgets and existing health conditions. We can you help you with the option that best fits your needs.