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About Us

Bill Counts, MBA

Long Term Care Insurance Advisors, Tucson, AZ.

The need for care funding is enormous. Our family experienced this in caring for our mom. We ran out of money. Her last years of care were not the best. I founded Long Term Care Insurance Advisors in November 2017.

I had become very knowledgeable of long-term care insurance solutions in my work as a financial advisor. Unfortunately, the general public, along with many agents and advisors, are not aware of the options that are available. My passion is to fill this void and help you and your loved ones with what can be the crushing financial, physical and emotional burden of long-term care.

Affiliated Organizations

Planned Giving Roundtable of Southern Arizona - member, 9/19

Alzheimer’s Association – volunteer and speaker, 10/18

Northwest Medical Center and Oro Valley Hospital – Community Liaison Group – volunteer, 4/18

Southern Arizona Estate Planning Council – member, 9/18


I am an Alzheimer's Association volunteer


Bill presenting legal and financial planning
at an Alzheimer’s Association meeting, January 12, 2019

Helping people with information
on long-term care insurance
at the Saddlebrooke Health Fair, October 12, 2019.

Bill with Kenya Romero, Community Integration Dir, Harmony Hospice, prior to his presentation
on "10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's" Nov. 20, 2019.